Friday, April 19, 2013

The Bond of Twin Flames

The bond between Twin Flames transcends time and space, it is a soul bond, an energetic connection.  Once you meet your Twin Flame their energy and aura merge with your own.  The act of lovemaking will be an intense, deep experience bringing a feeling of 'home', a feeling of safety and familiarity.  Engaging in lovemaking with your Twin Flame will be a mixture of the most incredible love and passion, amazing sensual and erotic pleasure; an experience where you will literally feel as if you are 'melting' into each other, it will feel as if you cannot have enough of each other, the touch and the kiss of your Twin Flame is unlike any other.  Lovemaking will cement the bond between Twin Flames even stronger uniting the energy fields and aligning the chakras, that is why you may feel the 'presence' of your Twin Flame while apart.  Your thoughts and feelings will link you to each other, often experiencing or sensing the other's feelings and/or emotions.  Sleeping patterns may be disrupted and/or your may find yourself experiencing insomnia, waking times of your Twin Flame, etc.  Your Twin Flame will live in your heart as well as your thoughts, be ever present. 

You may experience very lucid, vivid dreams where you are with and/or interacting with your Twin Flame, where you can almost 'feel' or 'picture' them almost in 3-D; and upon waking may feel as if you have just been with him / her.  Often Twin Flames will meet in dream state during times of separation, or have 'soul visits' during dream time.  This phenomenon occurs because during sleep we have an open channel to our Higher Self, more connected to God, to the Universe, to energy so the souls can travel to each other freely for comfort.  During separation from your Twin Flame you may experience a persistent feeling of a 'void' or a sense of 'missing', often feeling disoriented, distracted or absent minded.  At times, time may feel as if it is standing still, or you may experience a deep feeling of aloneness (not to be confused with loneliness), when you feel as if you are the only person in existence at that moment.  You will experience a longing to again feel at home.  The yearning to be in the embrace of your Twin Flame, the longing and need for the physical touch can often be unbearable.  Please know often you may be experiencing your Twin Flame's emotions at that moment (you will recognize 'their' feelings as they come more as a 'wave' rather than stem from a particular thought or memory you are focusing on which usually indicate your own feelings/emotions).  During those times, close your eyes, meditate if possible.  Visualize your heart opening, allowing the overflowing, unconditional love from your heart to flow, visualize your Twin Flame and your love, enveloped in a beautiful pink light flowing from your heart into the heart of your Twin Flame.  Say 'I love you ______' out loud or in your mind.  Love IS energy, it WILL travel and comfort your Twin Flame. 

© Emme


  1. This post is beautiful and just what I needed to read this morning. I met my Twin in July of 2012 and have been on my journey to self ever since. Right now, we are separated. His essence never leaves me and I think of him every day. It is a bizarre and unique feeling to love him. I loved him at first eye contact. I experienced visions, dreams, and what I call an opening to God. This man is my perfect one. We fell into each other's arms without hesitation. As you stated above, the lovemaking is beyond incredible. No man has ever made me feel so wonderful! I have moments of stillness every day where I can see him, feel him, and hear him. I could hardly speak in his presence because the connection was so over whelming. I see God in everything this man does, his movements, his voice, everything about him is like a symphony of pleasure to me. We're apart and I'm waiting for him to wake up. I'm completely devoted to him. Even if he never comes around in this life, it doesn't matter. I know who he is. I know why he came to me. I will never love another in the same way. I can wait because I know we will be together again. He is my greatest gift.

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    2. Thanks for sharing this, awake. This is exactly what someone in an awoken state feels. With knowledge we are able to handle our feelings in separation and turn them into something so positive. But without this knowledge, we can be completely opposite in this state of being apart. It literally feels as though your soul has been ripped out of your body. I have said this several times but no one to believe it. The pain is so unbearable so painful that i rather have someone cut off both my hands and legs. The intense pain can never be explained. But you've passed this stage and have come to accept your life without your twin flame because you know inside you will always be one regardless. This is amazing. And so is the post by the author. Thank you so much for sharing your views.